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  • Laboratory tests

    Laboratory tests involve with a wide range of consumer cargo and the test has become a supply chain management to ensure compliance and consumer health is an important part. You need a complete set of test solutions to achieve these objectives, and ensure critical functions and safe and reliable performance.
    ASQI can abide by internationally recognized standards and bills and provide first-class testing services. At present, service scope is mainly household items. IST can provide a complete set of test solutions to meet your needs.

    Test plan which can be provided by IST includes:
    CE test
    Dish washer test
    Rust-proof test
    Hardness test
    Constant temperature & humidity test (environment test)
    Test of hoisting capacity of handle
    Coating thickness test
    Test of coating attachment force
    Butanone test
    Coating hardness test
    Vinegar boiling test
    Heating test
    Cake baking/roast chicken test
    Handle fatigue test
    Glass cover test
    Sampling as Users’ Representative 

    We also can arrive at supplier’s site for sampling and submit for test by the 3rd party according to users’ requirements. Laboratories which cooperate with IST include SGS, CTI, ITS, Irisation and PONY, etc.