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  • Accredited Scopes
    Services to Agriculture
    Hunting and Trapping
    Forestry and Logging
    Commercial Fishing
    Coal Mining
    Oil and Gas Extraction
    Metal Ore Mining
    Other Mining
    Services to Mining
    Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing
    Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing
    Wood and Paper Product Manufacturing
    Printing, Publishing and Recorded Media
    Petroleum, Coal, Chemical and Associated Product Manufacturing
    Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
    Metal Product Manufacturing
    Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
    Other Manufacturing
    Electricity and Gas Supply
    Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services
    General Construction
    Construction Trade Services
    Basic Material Wholesaling
    Machinery and Motor Vehicle Wholesaling
    Personal and Household Good Wholesaling
    Food Retailing
    Personal and Household Good Retailing
    Motor Vehicle Retailing and Services
    Accommodation, Cafes and Restaurants
    Road Transport
    Rail Transport
    Water Transport
    Air and Space Transport
    Other Transport
    Services to Transport
    Communication Services
    Services to Finance and Insurance
    Property Services
    Business Services
    Government Administration
    Health Services
    Community Services
    Motion Picture, Radio and Television Services
    Libraries, Museums and the Arts
    Sport and Recreation
    Personal Services
    Other Services